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Our products

Fresh meat from Waton Mochibuta

We always provide our genuine products -- with great cordiality.
The secret behind the superb taste: our love.

 Waton Mochibuta is a brand of pork that is produced exclusively by Global Pig Farms. It is a pork with superb taste enabled by our enthusiasm, and reflected in all the aspects of pig farming ー from the creation of ideal breeding stock and production environment to feed mixing and distribution.


Health and safety for optimum quality

 We provide our pigs with appropriate, safe feed that is mixed to our own formula. The feed is based on natural ingredients including high-quality corns, soybean meals, fish flour, barley, and wheat. We don’t excessively increase calorie intake to accelerate the pigs’ growth. We never use ingredients of unknown origin. And we strictly adhere to our formula for safety and stability of quality. It is these daily efforts that keep our pigs healthy and optimize the original taste of pork. What’s more, in order to ensure the health of our pigs, we have set up a dedicated department consisting of veterinarians. These veterinarians have been studying and practicing health management of our pigs from the viewpoint of preventive medicine, instead of simply providing treatment after they suffer from diseases.


Superb taste with fine texture

Waton Mochibuta is an ideal pork that has the innate characteristics and original taste of pork optimized by our complete production management. The elements of high-quality pork are:
●Color (Beautiful, shiny pink)
●Fat (White, shiny fat. High-quality fat is inherently resistant to deterioration and keeps for a long time.)
●Texture (Fine texture with natural firmness)
●Taste (Tender, juicy, and delicious)
Waton Mochibuta is a prime-quality pork that is complete with these elements.


Delivering optimum-quality meat while it is fresh

 The fresher the pork is, the better taste and quality it retains. To deliver the superb taste of Waton Mochibuta to our customers as quickly as possible, we have established our own distribution system that ensures quick deliveries, with cooperation from distributors who support the philosophy of Global Pig Farms. All the pigs shipped from our farms do not automatically become Waton Mochibuta. Only carcasses that meet our specific standards are distributed as Waton Mochibuta. The carcasses are handled under a strict temperature control by distributors who are well familiar with pork, and are cut into parts by highly-skilled meat cutters. In this way, we make painstaking efforts to retain the freshness of pork to the highest degree possible.

Processed meat products of Waton Mochibuta

Wishing to maintain the same taste for the next 100 years and after

Photo:Ham Koubou Global To offer the genuine taste of hams and sausages to our customers, we at Global Pig Farms have established “Ham Koubou Global ” (Ham Smokehouse Global), a specialty shop that produces and sells processed meat products. Of course, the meat used for these product is Waton Mochibuta. In addition to the ingredient, however, the way we cure our hams and sausages make them qualitatively far different from competitor products. There is a conventional method in which pickle is injected into the meat to shorten the time required for processing, and to increase the volume of the products. Ham Koubou Global never applies such a method, but is willing to undertake painstaking processes and is willing to spare time for providing the optimum qualities to our customers. We give top priority to our customers, and always employ methods that ensure their safety.

 Made to fit the taste of Japanese people, the hams and sausages from Ham Koubou Global feature a mild, sophisticated taste. Come and enjoy the genuine taste of our products, which reflect the “enthusiasm” of our workers, who produce them by manually winding a string around each one roll of ham with the greatest care.

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Our products

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